Beat the heat anywhere and Feel the breeze! With our new multifunctional Port-a-Fan

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The Breeze is quiet but strong!

Nobody wants to hear a loud fan. The new silent motors we use keep the noise to a minimum so you can feel the breeze in peace.

USB Charging

Don't you hate when your Phone is about to die with nowhere to charge it? With our new USB charging feature, you'll be able to charge your phone on the go anywhere you go!

3 Wind Modes

Nobody likes to sweat out in public. Thats why we give you 3 fan modes to select from so you can beat the heat with a cool breeze wherever you are!

Flashlight feature

At the bottom of our Port-a-Fan we have a flashlight feature you can use within a click of a button just in case things get dark!

We are a new and upcoming brand here to deliver you the best way to beat the heat anywhere and more! with our new Port-a-Fan. Blow cold air on 3 different modes. Easy to travel with because of our foldable features and lanyard. We also have a flashlight feature just in case things get dark!